Draw attention to your product with a marketing campaign featuring oversized factices. We specialize in perfume and cosmetics packaging, replicating the unique bottle designs and flourishes that define your product. Whether it is a one-of-a-kind object or limited-run edition, we will work with you to produce the right factice for you campaign.

  • Clear Effects
    • Create dazzling optical effects with clear and translucent resins. We can simulate cast glass objects to produce luxurious refracted light effects.
  • CNC Prototyping
    • Replicate the sublte curves and details of your product with computer aided manufacturing. Using calipers and other digital measuring tools, we will rebuild your product in virtual space where it can be output using CNC milling or rapid prototyping at any scale.
  • Self-Illumination
    • Give your product the otherworldly quality of self-illumination with LED lighting effects. For more advanced displays, we can use controllers to cycle LED color and intensity.
  • Liquid Effects
    • Show off the subtle beauty of your product with perfectly color-matched factice solution. Establish your brand message with a real splash of color!