Move beyond traditional sculpting materials with the versatility of digital sculpting. Factice can refine scanned 3D data or start from scratch in a virtual environment to create high-resolution organic models for rapid prototyping or CNC milling.

  • High-Res Organic Modeling
    • Harness the power of high-poly count 3D modeling for visualization or prototyping. We will bring an exceptional level of detail to your digital model.
  • UV Mapping
    • Wrapping a 2D image around a 3D object takes care and finesse. Factice can generate efficient UV maps, paint map data, and export image files for later use in texturing or geometric displacement.
  • Parametric Deformations
    • Apply warps, ripples, waves, and other procedural deformations to scan data or hand-built 3D models. Achieve complex results that would take months of conventional sculpting or be impossible in the physical world.
  • 3D Scan Cleanup
    • Scanned data is a terrific way to bring your ideas into virtual space. However, raw scan data can be messy and cumbersome. We can convert your models into a user-friendly format, patch mesh holes, remove scan artifacts and rebuild missing information.