Win your client’s approval with stunning 3D graphics. Using a combination of 3D rendering and 2D compositing, we can incorporate last minute revisions to give you up-to-date images for presentation or marketing. From hand-sketched vignettes to polished renderings, we’ll create the right look for any project.

  • Interiors + Exteriors
    • Natural or artificial light, daytime or night, our architectural renderings will capture the spirit of your design. Factice pays attention to detail in everything we do and architectural rendering is no exception.
  • Hand-drawn Overlays
    • It is often the case that the client is looking for the warmth of something handmade, something that reveals the process of it’s own creation. With hand-sketched renderings, Factice continues the long tradition of analog draftsmanship and combines it with the precision and flexibility of computer aided design.
  • Digital Painting
    • We don’t just render, we paint. Since it’s beginning, photo-compositing has come a long way, and with it, so have we. To keep up with the fast-paced schedule that defines so many projects, we’ve developed our own methods and recipes for painting in design revisions. Whether you want to see a surface rendered in several different materials, or you’ve just resolved a design detail with only an hour before the presentation, we will quickly incorporate the many changes that are inherently part of the design process.
  • Compositing
    • Integreate your design into the larger environment by combining rendered elements with existing site photos. Combine the speed of photography with the power of custom 3D content to create images wholly your own.